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Remco Remco uit Heerhugowaard. schreef op 17 december 2018 om 9:33 pm:
Dear Bill. I'm very thankful voor what you deed for the liberation of my country, europe and the rest of the world. Words are not to find. Rest in peace Sir, I'll hope you friends are looking for you in heaven, and all the people that loved you in live.
Jack Braxton Jack Braxton uit Eindhoven schreef op 17 december 2018 om 12:36 am:
Dear Bill, You are an amazing, inspiring and brave person. I thank you for your part on liberating Europe! Rest In Peace.
Peter, Maris, Chris, Lieke en Timmy Kemp Peter, Maris, Chris, Lieke en Timmy Kemp uit Eindhoven schreef op 16 december 2018 om 2:16 pm:
Dear Bill, We are very glad we’ve met you a few years ago in 2014 for the first time and the years after. Not only we are very thankfull for what you did when liberating Europe and especially Eindhoven, we are even more thankfull that we were able to see what a beautiful person you are. You really made the difference for a lot of people! We will never forget your remarkable humor and your sparkling eyes when making a joke.Rest in peace dear Bill. You will never be forgotten !
Familie de Wit Familie de Wit uit Waalre schreef op 16 december 2018 om 11:45 am:
Dear Pendell Family, I hope that your found straight by each other to survive this lost. I will never forget Bill for what he did for us and our country. I will thank him for the freedom and peace. Greetings Kirsten
Caecilia Johanna van Peski Caecilia Johanna van Peski uit Tilburg schreef op 12 december 2018 om 10:28 pm:
My country, The Netherlands, and our continent, Europe, own its freedom and spirit of solidarity and equality to those women and men like you who served with bravery and courage when it was needed most. I am very glad to have met you in person, so I was able to learn from your WWII eye witness account. Only weeks ago we met each other in Eindhoven. I am sorry to hear that you have now passed away. Kind regards to you, brave soldier, and eternal gratitude!
Gerdien Schuring-Visch Gerdien Schuring-Visch uit Eindhoven schreef op 11 december 2018 om 11:38 pm:
Dear mr. Pendel, thank you for our freedom today. We met each other a few years a go. Thank you for every thing !!! And may you rest in peace.
Tamara Vereggen Tamara Vereggen uit Eindhoven schreef op 10 december 2018 om 10:02 pm:
Dear Bill, on 18 sept 2015 you gave me the best marriage advice. Always agree and then do what you want anyway. It was an honor to have met you. Thank you for our freedom! My condolences to Bill’s family and friends. You will be missed.
Honey Honey uit Amersfoort schreef op 10 december 2018 om 7:50 pm:
Dear bill have a save journey 🙏💝
Dennis Dennis schreef op 10 december 2018 om 12:58 am:
Dear Bill, R.I.P. you are a real hero. My condolances to family and friends.
Léonie en Duncan Léonie en Duncan uit Eindhoven schreef op 8 december 2018 om 4:07 pm:
Dear mr Pendell, Thank you so much for our freedom today. Heaven got another angel. We will miss you when we celebrate our liberation at September 18th next year in Eindhoven. I wish the family a lot of strength. You can ben very proud of Bill. Rest in peace dear mr Pendell. We will never forget you. We will always be grateful for what you have done. Amen.
W. van Meijl W. van Meijl uit Eindhoven schreef op 7 december 2018 om 9:02 pm:
Dear Bill, You always lit up the room wherever you came by. You inspired a lot of young people in schools. Thanks for everything you did for us. RIP.
Andre van Aarsen Andre van Aarsen uit Enschede schreef op 7 december 2018 om 8:39 pm:
Dear Bill, after fighting for our freedom you lived to see the longest periode of peace in Europe since centuries. It was because of what you and your friends did during the war. Thank you for that !! Sadly it probably takes more sacrifices of other young men before peace wil spread all over the world. But you did ( more) then your part !!!
Jos en Yvonne Rooijakkers Jos en Yvonne Rooijakkers uit Eindhoven schreef op 7 december 2018 om 6:27 pm:
Dear Bill, thank you for fighting for freedom. Condolences for the family. We'll miss you at the Freedom Run next year.
Simone Simone uit Lieshout schreef op 7 december 2018 om 4:04 pm:
Dear Bill, You are a little star in heaven, watching over your family, your loved ones and over the rest over the world. A big big thank you for your contribution to the liberation of our country, although you are not longer with us, we will never forget and I'm so grateful that you helped us. You are a big hero!
Joost Thissen Joost Thissen uit SON EN BREUGEL schreef op 7 december 2018 om 12:44 pm:
Dear Bill, thank you for your contribution to the liberation of our country. And thank you for your support for the runners during the Freedom Run. Rest in Peace.
Johan van Rens Johan van Rens uit Eindhoven schreef op 7 december 2018 om 11:39 am:
Wishing the family and all his friends strength and condolence in these dark days. Grateful for our freedom and all the soldiers that helped liberating our country. Rest in peace
Erik vd Tillaar Erik vd Tillaar uit Eindhoven schreef op 7 december 2018 om 10:24 am:
Dear Bill, thank you for our freedom. You always be a Hero! Rest In Peace Bill.
Delorme Jmarc Delorme Jmarc uit Bayeux schreef op 7 december 2018 om 9:51 am:
Souvenir émouvant de cet homme exceptionnel. Je présente toutes mes condoléances à la famille de Bill Pendell. J'ai une pensée amicale pour mes amis d'Eindhoven .
Marco van Hannen Marco van Hannen uit Eindhoven schreef op 7 december 2018 om 8:13 am:
Dear Bill, We have met each other a few year ago at the defilé in Eindhoven. A humble man with a twinkle in his eyes, singing the Welsh anthem. You were enjoying the festivities on your own way. Thank you for our freedom. R.I.P.
Jan Pero Jan Pero uit Eindhoven schreef op 5 december 2018 om 10:47 pm:
Dear Bill, Words can not express the gratitude the occupants of the city of Eindhoven have for being liberated by the joined allied forces during Operation Market Garden in september 1944. We owe you our eternal gratitude. In the confidence you now are amongst your fellow brothers in arms and loved ones who passed before you I hope you will keep an eye out for the city of Eindhoven to prevent it from future harm. May you rest in peace. God bless.